cisco rosado and ziv kopolovitz co-founders of the unco brand

 The Story Behind UNCO

Cisco Rosado is a music producer, actor, artist and entrepreneur. Born in Brooklyn, NY to Puerto Rican parents, Cisco began his career in music production at 17 years old. His affiliation with successful artists and labels such as Bad Boy Records, Roc Nation, and others, eventually led to his appointment as President of CMG Entertainment. Although Cisco has an extensive history in music production, he is most renowned for his prominent role on the VH1 series Love & Hip Hop New York and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Most recently, Cisco has partnered with the Aaron Hernandez estate to co-create the Authorized Aaron Hernandez Story.

Ziv Kopolovitz, also Brooklyn born and raised, embarked on his business career at the age of 17. Initially working as a “brick and mortar" retailer, Ziv transitioned to wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing. In addition to his day to day operations, Ziv was also part of the entertainment and nightlife industry in New York City for over 6 years. Eager to meet the current moment, Ziv has transitioned into e-commerce, marketing, and design. 

From the day they met, Cisco and Ziv connected on a personal level immediately. Their first joint venture, UNCO, is a high quality streetwear line designed to make a statement. However, Cisco and Ziv’s vision won’t stop there. They are currently working on expanding their enterprise into other innovative brands, products, and concepts. The birth of the Unco Brand heralds many great things to come from this partnership between two experts in their respective fields. Stay tuned.